Covid-19 Policy and Procedures

Everglades Tours – There is a 3-guest minimum and the tour may be cancelled if the minimum is not met.

It is strongly recommended but not required, that all guests and tour guides wear face masks and stay at least 6-feet away from non-household members.

Your temperature may be randomly taken prior to the tour beginning.

Reservation / Cancellation Policy

Reservations are 100% refundable if cancelled outside of 24 hours from the scheduled tour date.

If Naples Transportation & Tours cancels your confirmed and scheduled tour for any reason, you will receive a FULL refund of any charges for said services canceled. We will also be happy to assist you in booking another tour that will accommodate your time schedule when possible. We rarely cancel tours for any reason, including weather.

Naples Transportation & Tours does not own and operate the airboats that are used on our tour. There are occasions based on boat rides and airboat captain availability that families and groups may have to be split on the airboat ride.

Policy Notices

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy

Please abstain from using alcohol and tobacco while on our trips.

Thanks for your understanding.

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